We offer the right accessories for every wheel, thus guaranteeing safe and efficient driving.

Valves for all SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels

An original SPEEDLINE TRUCK valve is the best solution for preventing galvanic corrosion and air leaks. Thanks to the perfect fit of the valve on the wheel and the reduced tightening torque, you minimize the stress on the valve hole.

All our wheels are equipped with original SPEEDLINE TRUCK valves.

Cross section of a SPEEDLINE TRUCK valve
High-quality & easy to mount

SPEEDLINE TRUCK valves are made of brass5 and finished with a specific nickel alloy treatment perfectly matched for our light alloy wheels4.

The quality of the upper insulating washer1, attached to the nut for easy assembly, and the molded gasket2 below ensures the perfect fit. 

SPEEDLINE TRUCK valves are very precisely manufactured and make the unique fastening easy. The torx seat3 simplifies assembly and blocks the valve during the fastening phase.

Sleeve nuts for all SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels
When safety matters

Our sleeve nuts guarantee the highest levels of safety for a correct assembly between our wheels and the vehicle hubs, and thus in use on the road.

The resistance class of the material, the quality of the lubricant between the nut body and the nut washer, and the use of environmentally friendly cladding protection coating (chrome-free, DeltaProtekt coating) play an important role.

All of our sleeve nuts are manufactured according IATF quality management system and have been tested by the German TÜV as per the the requirements of truck producers.

Cross section of a sleeve nut assembly
Making the switch from steelto forged alloy wheels

The SPEEDLINE TRUCK sleeve nuts1 make the switch a breeze, and it is not necessary to change from short to longer studs4 for both single and twin wheels2.

The sleeve on the nut prolong into the bolt holes of the aluminum wheel, ensuring sufficient thread engagement on the original vehicle studs. (Hub3)