Don’t Touch Racing Team Sponsoring

After Formula 1, the FIA European Truck Racing Championships are one of the most popular motorsport series in Europe. Five ton-iron and steel giants, each around 1 500 HP, can reach top speeds of 160 km/h from start-up in just five seconds, leaving onlookers dumbfounded.

Don’t Touch Racing Team

Teamwork and enthusiasm

Nowhere else are wheels subjected to such extreme demand as in motorsport. With this in mind, SPEEDLINE TRUCK has made the decision to become actively involved in the German team Don’t Touch Racing. In Sven Walter, his team and his driver André Kursim, we have the ideal combination that both defines truck racing and inspires us as a sponsor.

Lightweight alloy wheel SLT 2887

Don’t Touch Racing rely on SPEEDLINE TRUCK

We have been supporting the Don’t Touch Racing team with our 22,5x9,00" forged light alloy wheels since it was founded three years ago. In all races held across Europe as part of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship, the Don’t Touch Racing Team is at the starting line with SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels, each time proving their performance and high quality under extreme conditions.

Don't touch racing driver André Kursim

Endurance test for our aluminum wheels

With driver André Kursim, they seek to build on the successes of the 2019 season, positioning themselves at the forefront in the fight for the European championship title. When the giants of the racetrack thunder down the slopes, top-class motorsport and the elemental force of heavy commercial vehicles collide. With their combination of extremely low weight, high performance, sportiness and design, SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels are ideal for racing.

FIA European Truck Racing

Racing calendar

On the following race days we will be there at the races, cheering for the team with excitement and enthusiasm.

Details of the race