Forged light alloy wheels for commercial vehicles and buses

The forged light alloy wheels impress with their high strength and low weight. Wheels matched to each application offer maximum economy.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for tractor units and trucks
Tractor units and trucks

In distribution transport as well as local and long-distance transport, forged light alloy wheels  are used to optimise the payload, resulting in lower costs and higher income. Or in short: more efficiency, higher profitability and visual appeal.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for trailers and semitrailers
Trailers andSemitrailers

Every load makes very specific demands on the trailer, whereby the wheel size or the load capacity play an important role, especially when it comes to optimising the loading capacity for long or high-volume transports.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for city buses and coaches
City buses and Coaches

The demand for mobility is increasing and sustainable travel in modern coaches and on public transport is becoming ever more attractive. In addition, extra robust wheels for buses offer maximum payloads and design, as well as an appealing appearance.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for special vehicles
Specific requirements in logistics and transport

For special and non-standard transports, it's not just weight and size that count, but specific requirements such as load volume, number of axles and the independant suspension also play an important role. SPEEDLINE TRUCK understands these needs and offers suitable solutions.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for refrigerated trucks
Refrigerated trucks

These highly polished lightweight alloy wheels are not only eye catching, but also make any transport of chilled or frozen food or pharmaceutical products efficient and economical. With reliable wheels, valuable goods arrive safely.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for wood transport
Wood transport

The transport of long/short timber requires extremely robust wheels. The different types of roads encountered create a constant challenge. These forged light alloy wheels are the ideal solution for full or empty journeys on field and forest paths, primary and secondary roads, and motorways.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for electric buses
Electric buses

In regular urban traffic, the many stops and starts lead to repeated braking and acceleration maneuvers. SPEEDLINE TRUCK forged light alloy wheels are specially designed for such loads. This means maximum wheel stability for a long service life and less weight for more flexibility when it comes to vehicle construction.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for tank and silo vehicles
Tank andSilo vehicles

More payload means more productivity every time you travel with solid or liquid goods in tank or silo vehicles. Forged light alloy wheels are the perfect choice for transporting maximum-weight loads such as food, fuel or animal feed.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for mega trailers

With the special design of the semi-trailer, a clear, 3-m loading height is achieved. This maximum throughput height is required for the transport of particularly large-volume goods. Forged light alloy wheels from SPEEDLINE TRUCK fit perfectly into low trailer frames and chassis. In addition, the aluminum wheels reduce the dead weight.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for mobile homes
Mobile homes

The road is the destination. These aluminum forged wheels accompany you to the most beautiful places, offering more driving comfort and dynamics. Thanks to the lighter weight of aluminum wheels, you save in fuel consumption with every km you drive. Meanwhile, these polished wheels ensure your vehicle is an eye-catcher all year round.

Lightweight alloy forged wheel for construction and bulk goods transport
Construction andBulk goods transport

Strong, practical and made for optimal transport solutions, even in harsh environments. These forged light alloy wheels on vehicles with three or four axles ensure greater economy on and next to the construction site.