Wheels for the highest demandshard-wearing and long-lasting

SPEEDLINE TRUCK produces first-class wheels in sizes ranging from 17,5” to 22,5", which impress with their high quality and visual appeal.

Forged light alloy wheels from SPEEDLINE TRUCK guarantee maximum load capacity with minimum wheel weight, thus meeting customer requirements. They also meet the highest visual standards.

These forged light aluminum wheels are designed to meet different technical requirements of trucks, trailers and buses.


All SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels have a five-year warranty from the date of manufacture with no mileage limitation.

TÜV accreditation

All wheels are TÜV-approved and have the German ABE (general operating license) for the replacement market.

In some cases they are also approved for truck OEM.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

22.5 x 11.75", ET 0, Speedline Truck lightweight alloy forged wheel, (SLT 2899)
SLT 2899A lightweight in its class

With a weight advantage of 17 kg+ per wheel compared to steel wheels, the load capacity increases, along with transport efficiency e.g. for weight-sensitive applications such as liquid transport or silo vehicles.

Weight: 21,8 kg
Wheel size: 22,5x11,75" | ET0
Surface finish: Diamond or Mirror

22.5x11.75", ET 120, Speedline Truck lightweight alloy forged wheel, (SLT 3018)
SLT 3018The wheel for durability

A wheel for maximum load bearing that is perfectly tailored to heavy-duty transports as well as large scale and long-haul transports.

Load capacity: 5000 kg
Wheel size: 22,5x17,75" | ET120
Surface finish: Diamond or Mirror