Technical Warranty

  1. SPEEDLINE TRUCK S.R.L. (hereinafter SPEEDLINE TRUCK) guarantees to the original purchaser, who either bought the product directly from SPEEDLINE TRUCK or from its distributor or authorized reseller, that the wheels of SPEEDLINE TRUCK, designed to be applied to lorries for medium and heavy transportation, trailers and buses (hereinafter the wheel or wheels), are free from any defect due to the materials used and the workmanship, with the exclusion of the finishing and, in any case, without prejudice for the restrictions listed herein.
  2. This Warranty has a duration of 5 (five) years from the date of manufacture of the wheel (stamped on the wheel).
  3. Should the defects or the non-conformity of the wheels be ascertained or acknowledged by SPEEDLINE TRUCK and timely notified according to the terms, SPEEDLINE TRUCK will, at its sole discretion and within reasonable time, (i) repair or replace at its own expense the defective wheels, should the defects be caused by deficiency in the manufacturing or in the materials under normal usage, or (ii) issue a credit note for the invoice value of the defective wheels. Any other guarantee and/or compensation is expressly excluded, whether by operation of law or conventional.

Exclusion of warranty

The warranty of SPEEDLINE TRUCK is not granted for and shall not apply to the reparation, replacement or any other warranty claim concerning defects of the wheels caused by improper use, defective installation, inappropriate operation or maintenance, as specified hereinafter by way of example and not limited to:

a) Wheels defected for wear during its use on the road;
b) Wheels defected during transportation or due to improper custody, storage, display or sale;
c) Wheels defected by improper use.

In particular, without limitation to the foregoing, the warranty shall not apply in case of malfunction resulting from:

  • use of tires not compliant with international standards recommended by organizations who’s authority is acknowledged in relation to tires and wheels, as ETRTO (Europe) and Tire and Rim Association Inc. (USA) or others;
  • loading the wheels beyond the maximum allowed load, specified by SPEEDLINE TRUCK;
  • inflation of tires beyond the relevant limitation specified by SPEEDLINE TRUCK;
  • modifications, including minor ones, of the original conditions of the wheels, determined by alteration or by subjecting it to a process, such as painting, welding or straightening;
  • reparations or interventions of any kind by the Customer or a third party;
  • accidents, abnormal or extreme operating conditions such as – only by way of example and without limitation to – burning of tires or brakes, severe dragging or blocking of the brake system, running with a flat tire or excessive speed;
  • failure to follow maintenance and other instructions as well as the warnings included in the data sheet of SPEEDLINE TRUCK, any further document provided in the future by SPEEDLINE TRUCK, as well as failure to comply with the usual standard technical information on aluminum forged wheels available on the market. To this end, SPEEDLINE TRUCK recommends the performance of the following maintenance interventions, without limitations:
      • using proper torque;
      • periodic cleaning;
      • polishing;
      • valves replacement;
      • regular inspection for damage;
      • inspections and procedures aimed at identifying loose nuts and wear of the rim flanges.
  • nicks, scratches and other surface damages caused by improper maintenance and cleaning, road risks, impact of stones and road cords;
  • the wear of the rim flanges is not subject to the warranty;
  • damages caused by abrasive cleaning products and brushes, steel wool, scouring pads or harsh chemicals (acids or alkaline);
  • default and/or misrepresentation by the first purchaser and/or third parties in providing instructions for installation and use of the wheels by the final consumer;
  • damage of the wheels by other components of the vehicle;
  • corrosion or exfoliation of the flanges of the wheels or other damages due to the application of the wheels.

Notification of defects

At the time of the delivery the customer shall immediately report to the transporter, subpoena of forfeiture, of any incomplete or non-conforming consignments of the wheels as well as of any damages to the wheels or to the relevant packaging. Subpoena of forfeiture the customer shall also inform in writing SPEEDLINE TRUCK of any patent defect discovered by it and/or its customers, without delay and, in any case, not later than 10 (ten) days after the delivery, clearly indicating the defective wheel, the product code, the relevant consignment lot, the delivery date and the nature of the defect. Likewise and subpoena of forfeiture, hidden defects shall be reported to SPEEDLINE TRUCK without delay and in any case no later than 10 (ten) days from discovery by the customer and/or its customers, clearly indicating the defective wheel, the product code, the relevant consignment lot, the delivery date and the nature of the defect.

Return of the wheels

The customer shall keep the defective wheels at SPEEDLINE TRUCK’s disposal for a reasonable period of time in order to allow their inspection and no return shall be allowed, unless upon the prior written consent of SPEEDLINE TRUCK. SPEEDLINE TRUCK is entitled to verify the relevant vehicles and maintenance records. Upon SPEEDLINE TRUCK’s request, the contested wheels shall be returned by the customer at its own costs in their original packaging or in an equivalent packaging within 10 (ten) days following SPEEDLINE TRUCK’s request. In case of failure to comply with such obligation, the wheels shall be excluded from the warranty.


The above warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, which extends beyond the warranty above. It is hereby expressly excluded any responsibility of SPEEDLINE TRUCK for any loss of profit, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind. In particular, the customer, hereby expressly waives the right of redress provided for by article 131 of the Italian consumer code (codice del consumo).



Version: 1.0, January 2016