SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels thus have a considerable advantage when it comes to fuel consumption, handling and the life cycle of the wheels compared to wheels produced using conventional manufacturing processes.

SLT_content_herstellung-3 An aluminum round bar made from a special forge alloy is heated and reformed using a series of consecutive pressing steps and forces (up to 12 000 tons of press capacity in the vicinity of the wheel disk) to manufacture SPEEDLINE TRUCK forged wheels.
SLT_content_herstellung-2 A further step incorporating the process of flowforming results in a significantly thinner wheel base with an up to 50% reduction in volume over conventional manufacturing processes.
SLT_content_herstellung-5 Thanks to the subsequent highly precise CNC machining, the forged wheels are extremely uniform and boast higher concentricity than steel wheels. Due to the homogeneous material, the surface of the wheels following the mechanical processing is much smoother and requires no finish.
SLT_content_herstellung-6 Due to the extent to which the material is compressed during the forging process, forged wheels are much stronger and last much longer than steel and aluminum cast wheels. In addition it enables a considerable weight reduction compared to other types of wheels.