… and innovative technologies, and continuously strive to find even better solutions for wheels with maximum load capacity and minimum weight. What sets us apart is the huge personal commitment of each individual.


  • Special corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, T6061
  • Up to 45% lighter per wheel compared to conventional steel wheels
  • Significant reduction in consumption thanks to lower unsprung masses
  • Considerable extension in service life of tires and braking components as a result of the aluminum’s significantly better heat dissipation compared to steel
  • The forging process enables the grain structure to be adapted to the shape of the wheel, achieving incomparable strength
    High-quality, brilliant diamond finish
  • All models are TÜV-approved, have the German ABE (general operating license) for the replacement market and in some cases are also approved for truck OEMs
  • The load capacities meet or exceed the maximum industry requirements
  • All 22.5×11.75″ wheels have a particularly high load capacity of 5 000 kg, the SLT 3099 wheel in ET 0 is by far the lightest wheel in its category at just 22.3 kg
    SPEEDLINE TRUCK is the only supplier of design wheels with particularly stylized hand holes – for OEM trucks as well
  • The wheels come standard with original SPEEDLINE TRUCK valves. The special corrosion protection and particularly low torque installation (3 – 5 Nm) reduce the load on the valve seat
  • All SPEEDLINE TRUCK forged wheels feature a 5-year warranty from the date of manufacture with no mileage limit