SLT 3018

SLT 3018

WHEEL | 22.5×11.75″, ET 120, 10 holes
  • Highest payload of its class – 5 000 kg
  • Diamond or mirror polished surface
  • Special corrosion protection at the valve
  • Bolt hole diameter 26 and 32 mm


Are you looking for a wheel that exceeds many of the known requirements, offers additional load capacity reserves and is also a real lightweight? If so, the best choice for you is the 22.5 x 11.75″ SLT 3018 wheel with ET 120. At 5 000 kg, it offers more load capacity than any other wheel in its class and offers considerable load capacity reserves.

Download ABE report (PDF / 1,10 M)

Download data sheet (PDF / 283,12 K)


22.5×11.75″ SLT 3018 AM Diamond 26
22.5×11.75″ SLT 3018 APT mirror finish 26
22.5×11.75″ SLT 3018 BM Diamond 32
22.5×11.75″ SLT 3018 BPT mirror finish 32
No. Valve
Valve extensions
* *
Shank nut
Mounting Bolt hole 26 mm 32 mm Comments
Einzelmontage M22x1.5 * SLT-979
Nut caps
Material 26 mm 32 mm
Kunststoff * SLT-991

Technical Data

All information regarding the features, areas of application and appropriate system accessories for our wheels

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Brochure of valves

In addition to our range of light alloy wheels we also offer high-quality, visually appealing valves.

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Exclusive accessories for forged light alloy wheels.

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Cleaning and maintenance advice

All information regarding the cleaning and polishing of SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels.

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Product program

and all the advantages of our light alloy forged wheels SPEEDLINE TRUCK compared to steel wheels

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